Motorcycle Seat Cowl cont.

More work has progressed on the seat cowl. Seat bracing has been welded in, seat pan has been made and the seat cowl modified to fit over the pan. Let’s let the pictures to the talking.

The seat cowl has about 5 layers of mat fiberglass. Not too sure about the weight of the fiberglass I used but the cowl is very light.

The under cowl taillight is from a Honda CBR 900. I was going to use the turn signals for another project and the taillight was part of the package. Work out well. I’ll have to make a bracket that the light will mount to and the bracket will mount to the seat pan. Luckily the previous owner just cut the wires and left the connectors in tacked so all that I need to do is add new wires and connectors for the wires.  I purchased my wiring connector from Vintage Connections. Exactly like the original.


In the background you can see the dents that I put into the CB550 fuel tank for the clipons. Instead of welding or making new stops on the lower triple tree I banged in recesses. A little bondo, some sanding and the tank is finished.

In the foreground you can see how shiny the seat cowl has become, not because I spend hours sanding my arms off, I spread a layer of polyester resin over the whole cowl after rough sanding the shape with 50 grit sandpaper. There are a couple of pin holes on the cowl but other than that it is very smooth.

The seat pan is following the frame and it narrows towards the front, this is what happens when you don’t fully explain what you need to your help. Instead of a dart cut into the pan so when we bend the sides down the metal edges would touch he cut a dovetail. Woodworkers, what are you going to do?

However he did redeem himself by busting out the welding and did a good job filling in that hole. A little sanding and paint and no one will be able to tell.

The cross braces for the seat pan have been welded into place. The metal was from a-frames used by real estate people for promoting open houses. It’s about 1/8″ thick perfect for holding up the weight of the metal pan, and more importantly me.

The metal seat pan has been test fitted to the Honda CB650 frame. On the braces are 3/16″ rubber strips that will help with vibration. The tab at the back of the fuel tank will be cut off and another will be welded back into place under the seat pan.


The rear seat cowl had a notch cut from the front so that it would slid over the seat pan. It is a nice snug fit but I’ll be using low profile socket head bolts hold it in position.


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